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Made in Europe,160 LITRES, White, LED Light, External Condenser,Castor wheel. Two Years Warranty. Ch..
₦53,000 ₦50,300
Made in Europe,210 LITRES, Silver,LED Light,External Condenser,Castor wheel,Two Years Warranty . Chi..
260 LITRES,Silver,LED Light, External,Condenser, Castor wheel. Chigo has made a name for itself as t..
Made in Europe, 260 LITRES,White, LED Light,External Condenser,Castor wheel,Two Years Warranty . Chi..
Made in Europe,350 LITRES,Silver,LED Light,External Condenser with Fan,Castor wheel,Two Years Warran..
Key Features Colour‎:‎ White LED Light External Condenser with Fan 350 Litres Castor wheel Mod..
435 LITRES,Silver,LED Light,Castor wheel,Double door,Internal Condenser with Fan. Chigo has made a n..
₦98,000 ₦94,000
Made in Europe,435 LITRES,White,LED Light,Castor wheel,Double door, Internal Condenser with Fan. Chi..
Key Features Colour‎:‎ White Detail‎:‎ Chest Freezer BD‎‐510QW  LED Light Internal Condense..
₦125,500 ₦111,000
Made in Europe,510 LITRES,White, LED Light, Double Door, Internal Condenser with Fan,Two Years Warra..
₦120,000 ₦111,200
Made in Europe,210 LITRES,White,LED Light,External Condenser,Castor wheel,One Year warranty . Chigo ..
Croc Odor fridge deodoriser neutralises and absorbs odours from stronger smelling foods like fish, c..